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Residential Cleaning & Maintenance Services

Tsunami Wash is a Residential Service company helping home owners maintain, repair, and clean their homes. We provide quality service at a reasonable price. All of our employees are 100% legal US citizens and speak clear English.We do not clean up after rodents, it requires a professional click rodent removal dallas here for the company we refer our maid service clients to

Pressure Washing

Tsunami Wash provides professional "pressure washing" services to the residential market. Services include both " high power washing" for hard surfaces such as concrete and brick; we also use LOW-INTENSITY soft wash technology to clean more delicate areas such as stucco walls, wood decks, and roofs. Residential Services are provided for homes of 1 to 3 stories high. Homes 2 stories and under rarely need the use of ladders that my damage your exterior walls. Tsunami Wash is fully insured with a $2 million policy for your protection.


We now offer boat cleaning and yacht detailing services for the Kemah and Galveston areas.

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If you need a room or your entire house painted we have the talent, experience, and crews to paint any room in your house to the highest of standards.

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Handyman Services


Our employees are well experienced in most needs and types of home repair. Whether you just need a ceiling fan installed, a bathroom vanity replaced.

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Window Cleaning


During every visit we will use only the finest window cleaning products. Handheld micro fiber strip washers and organic soaps are used to agitate the dirt and residue from the windows suspending it off of the surface. We then squeegee the dirty water from the surface of the glass and frame with a professional squeegee. Detailing all four edges of every pain with a cotton surgical towel is very important to make sure all water is removed. The interior sill and exterior screen track is also cleaned out. We can also clean out the window well the one inch strip under the window for a small addition charge. Window screen cleaning for standard screens is included at no additional charge. The end result is a window that looks Awesome. A clean window gives you a perfect view of your property and an exterior that exudes a shine that is hard to miss and envied by all. It is recommended that windows are cleaned at least twice a year and interior once a year. Clients that would like to sign up for a quarterly or bi-annual agreement can save a substantial amount on their annual maintenance costs. Please contact us for details.

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Pressure Washing & Cleaning Service

Dallas Texas

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